Saturday, March 27, 2010


Sometimes, my dear ones ask me tough baseless questions! This one's for my friend and fellow! It is a short question- How do you define the most intimate friend of yours??
So my answer is- a bit long - My father says- "Keep acquaintance with all, friendship with some, and intimacy with one". My mentor says- "Keep the honor of that pyramid, the pyramid that on the maxima has - best freinds and at the bottom- acquaintances".

So keeping the honor of the two statements, all I have to say is if ever in life, I might have to recognize an intimate person, I must define that person in one word -DIVINITY
A divinity which makes me bow down, kneel down and that too with a contentment in my heart, smile on my face and happiness in my soul...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There was a time when I was a little flower, used to hop around, play around, prank people, laugh unweighted loads, could cry when someone slapped, could shout when I was hurt... Everything was free... Shackles I did not know...
And now, I have changed.... That transition that made me professional engineering student, has changed me, now I do not waste my smiles. I have stopped giving smiles to everyone on the way, therefore with some people, I have left scars... I have stopped respecting and believing everyone... I have started selections, aggregations!! Perhaps that is what people call maturity, the art of deftness is purely maturity, the art of weighing is definitely maturity. SO I am undoubtedly mature...

I feel like sharing a nice good experience, good because it has taught me the biggest lessons in life. There I was in a lab and doing my work, I looked behind at a particularly nice naughty friend of mine, to say- 'Stop it! Let me work! Enough! Now stop disturbing me'... And she whispered in my ear- Ok then, never again I will do it!

Hurt, I was hurt, because actually somewhere there are a few lot of people in your life, you like getting disturbed by, so I went to her- with a smile- and said- "I am sorry dear.." And she looked back and said- "Go back, I am doing my work. Do not disturb"
SO struck was I at this small sentence, that I decided to put it at my blog. People in life , except your parents and mentors, won't understand you, won't wait for you, won't ever try to see you from your perspective! They will understand you, as you appear to them apparently, and when you hurt them, they will also look back on hurting you equally, which is right!! Very right...
So, the crux of this long story , which might have been a boring dose for you, atleast definitely on my blog, is - Know your limits, do not penetrate deep into thermocols to stick them onto walls, because sometimes the depth of thermocols is longer than the depth of your screw to punch them onto walls....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Places change, Persons never do...

As God says and as everyone in the world says, Life is all about moving, it is a train of imaginations, a play of perceptions. True. As I see it from my perspective, people and convictions keep changing in your life, you would remember them a day or two and in a metropolitan like Delhi, you would not take more than a week to forget things, and may be an extra weekend to forget people!
People whom you work with, people whom you like, people whom you respect, ironically, work, likeliness, respect , all vanishes in less than the time it will take you to light a matchstick probably. That’s how we all are! Whatever happens, the system moves on, the caravan of our life moves on, no hurdles, no blockings.... The above is a piece of writing I have assembled from the vast knowledge of my reading skills- This is what I call a Philosopher’s view.
And now, time to be real!!! Whatever you may be, a doctor, a professor, an engineer or some big millionare, there are some people who are rhythms of the violin which tunes your life. Some people without whom, your system would not stop, but yes, your faith in the system would! Some people without whom your caravan will still move on, but without whom, perhaps when walking in a desert you will look behind with a thirsty throat, you will not find a mentor to guide you to the oasis! People whom you always thought were inextricably annealed in your daily schedules, but you never realized how vacant things could be without them. People, who are not People for you, the ones who are Persons , Important Persons for you, the crowd will never matter, but they will always.
I am a delhite, perhaps that’s why I am born with that selfish instinct. Before others’ good, I think for mine. But this one day, I feel I have deviated from my default behaviour. For the first time, I think its someone else ‘s good that has convinced me more than mine. Having few flawless talks with a very important and revered person I know, I could evidence he was right. So this one article, is for him!!
In a system, where people know you , but pretend not to , in a system where people around you are not people but just another selfish beings, a system where you are working, and everyone else is lost, a system where you are the best from every perspective, but your peers do not agree, in a system where your documents matter more than you thoughts, a system where corrupt persons always make the truthful go down, a system where a profession has lost the status of being it,a system where ideas and ideals do not matter, a system where hurdles are not removed , instead made, a system where ethics are invisible, a system that I call- India, believe me, even I agree- Leave it!!
And for that person, all I have to say is- There are people you can leave behind, but persons and important persons, can not be left behind ever. Parents , Mentors and Gods, stand besides you, everytime you look for them, so we are sure, each time we are going to look back, we are going to find you, without doubt. All my wishes with you forever. Places can change, but Persons never do. I know for sure...And so are you and your blessings...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ghalib Saab, I agree!!

Being a person of high observations, I see around all the time when I am not seeing myself in the mirror, to check what I have been to myself. And in this process of seeing around, I find- People , or I should call them money-blinded fanatics, roaming around. Sometimes, I find myself, standing in the middle of the road, with open arms , intentions to hug, and they come, crush and trample over my dead dreams. And I say something to myself, which Ghlaib Saab said to the world one day-

रहिए अब ऐसी जगह चलकर जहाँ कोई ना हो
हमौखान कोई ना हो और हमज़बान कोई ना हो
बेदर--दीवार सा एक घर बनाना चाहिए
कोई हम साया ना हो और पासबां कोई ना हो
हो जाए गर बीमार तो कोई ना हो तीमारदार
और गर जाइए तो नौहखवान कोई ना हो!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This one's for a special category of people, and there are two notations to follow-
Notation 1: What I call them- Foolishly Shameless
Notation 2: What they call themselves- Smartly Intelligent

People around me, unfortunately mismatch to my brain. Sometimes, I am forced to think, perhaps my neurons are not settled well! And at other times, I just say to myself- Thankyou God for making me the person I am, that I am not amongst those people who call them smart, resourceful professionals, for me, perhaps I am better off a fool, with good ethics!!
SO great people there, if you screw up things, and think that you are smart, be smart and blow your trumpets... but remember hollow trumpets and no truth will never have good musics and right rhythms....

Saturday, March 6, 2010


In your quest for God, search for success, look for calmness and thirst for desires, you might have felt defeated.... because somethings in life don't have ends. And people feel , they failed to find. So, for everyone who searched and failed, anything or everything in life....
ये गलत कहा किसी ने की तेरा पता नही है ,
तुझे ढूंड़ने की हद तक कोई ढूंदता नही है !


It is said, the day you discover yourself, the day you discover God. So today, I have made a partially successful effort to discover myself. And I have drawn one gist out of my life- "In an attempt to love others, I became love, and in an attempt to hate others, I became hatred. And I wish the latter was less, the former more"
There's a phenomenon we call camouflage, that is if you see the environment changing, you tend to change yourself for adaptation. And I think I have been long doing that, continuously. And all I have to say to people is- This camouflage kills! So never in life change, and if you ever do, try to revert back.
There are people in life, whose truthfulness will make you embarrassed about what you have been. So let's not stop, because life is dynamic! Let's try to make ourselves good, liked, loved! And to all people who have kept the light of truth alive, only a request - Don't change ever! Earth is short of people like you.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Read it in a book- "Relationships and fire are just the same. You go too close, it will burn you, you go too far, you will get cold." Truly written... I think each and everything in your life has boundaries, the limits often not visible but clearly defined. Adhere to them, they will make you happy, go beyond and they will kill you....
So, look for people, who will be there with you, for you, because they care, they respect.... And once you find them, in your own mini world, treasure them forever.....and ever....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My kiths and kins, all congratulate me... On having got admission to an Engineering college!! They feel glad that after one year, they will have a good Engineer may be, in their family of all Lawyers... But strange is this life...
I am not very happy, to be an undergraduate. And why?? Because, the order of priorities, around me, is changing....
Year 1- It was "us"
Year 2- It became "Some of us"
Year 3- It became "Me"
Year 4- I doubt..... It will be "just me"
I know this is the story with 90% undergraduates, but again as always, depleting my mind of the extra charges, I think I must blurt out finally - My suggestion to everyone dear, is - "Marks, jobs, certificates, projects, papers.... All this counts.... But after 10 years, when you will turn back, these things will be hollow tags, useful for nothing!! What counts, is a true association... Friends, Parents or Teachers-- So the secret is-- Earn true points.... "
And yes, if you worry about the rest of them- papers, projects or certifiates, all i have to say is- "Find a shop where you can buy these, and I am sure you can afford the cost".... But for true devotions..... well, if you ever find a shop... Dear, you are on a wrong false way..


Well, I have derived a new philosophy. And I am in a great mood to share it. There are always three kinds of people in the world. First are MIRRORS: They reflect! You tell them a thing, and they will transform themselves to adhere to your philosophy. Second are WATERS: They will dissolve you in themselves, their colour will colour you, head to toe and you will feel glad that you met them. Third are FIRES: They ignite you to do things, sometimes bad, sometimes good. But they will always be seen burning with something….
The FIRES will excite you, the MIRRORS will satisfy your egos, and the WATERS will cool you down.
Suggestions for everyone, let the FIRES burn, let the MIRRORS reflect, search out for the WATERS, they will give you the stability to live, believe me!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


I am an aspiring Engineer, so I am made to fight for patents and papers.... I have modified newton's third law so I request everyone who reads this blog to support me in finding myself a patent.... Well!! Newton said- Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.... I disagree... Every action has an equal but not opposite reaction. I know- the world works on evidence... So, dear people, I have enough of that..
When I get irritated about something and shout( My Action), my mother always comes to calm me down, she never reacts....
When I loose my diamond earrings and cry, my father always comes to say- "Dear, I will get you new..", he does not react...
When I am sad, not glad and my mood bad, and I shout in my strangest ways to My Lord, he never reacts.... He just says-"All happiness yours, all worries mine.."
I act, they do not react.... So, where did Newton say right... I have a suggestion for all people who are good engineers, good thinkers.... Be a person first.... That will count... Nothing else ever has counted, won't ever count!


The most difficult thing in life is Acceptance. And the most difficult acceptance in life Is TRUTH. Truth is always small, clear and effective, but the ego inherent in our minds and hearts never lets us accept it. Strange enough….
The acceptance of truth is an art, an art that any one of us can learn quite easily, but something that I would a call a devil inside all of us, stops us from learning. We fear, but we behave confident, we dislike, and pretend to like. And that keeps killing us.
Quite true, when you start travelling on paths the Lord had once suggested, long back to Arjuna, you will find the truth of my statement. Sometimes, in life, you cross boundaries, without fear and that day your whims, your wishes, your infatuations, your attractions, passions, all come to an end. That do you will feel an eternal bliss, a kind of attraction to yourself and your lord, and that day will be the happiest day of your life.
So let’s try to forget, let’s try to see the better side of things. Let’s try and feel that everything in the world is good. Sometimes, mirage makes you happier, because you can not take the realities of the mirror anymore. Try to imagine… that the world is sweet, as sweet as you would want it to be. Because happiness- yours and of your loved people, is the solution to everything in life....