Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, going along too well with Digital Circuits these days!! I have been hearing about the two states that are binary- 0 and 1, no confusions, no doubts, clearly just one side of the big lane called life. Either you walk on the left, or you walk on the right, because walking in the middle can mean you being killed by some over-speeding truck of unfelt emotions or confusions.
It is the same with faith I guess, 0 or 1, either you have or you will never have. A faith that comes with belief, from your heart, either the aorta pumps blood or it will not, either the valves will open or they will not, either your heart will say yes- believe it, or it will lie stale and won't speak ever. That's how the story of faith is!!
This one's for a special event that happened to me and I guess, it will last forever with me as my most cherished memory. Special because it gave me the zest to be truthful forever, loyal forever. Someone whom I will call a person of values I have seen in life, there I was standing with a piece of paper, insignificant but important, needing signatures. And this person, looked at it- saw it, and signed, did not read it. And why? Just because it is all about the belief someone has on me, a belief that loaded my heart with the biggest responsibility of the world, to keep that loyality , that faith, that duty of being truthful, enlightened forever. In one little glance, a person who made me duty bound for my whole lifetime, not to cheat ever. Because I know, faith is a thread, and threads broken join with knots. And I do not believe in knots.... Its always about the originality that holds things together. Threads joined by knots are weaker... and again... it is binary--- 1- it holds, 0- it is gone forever....

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I know happiness, sadness I know not,
I know smiles, tears I know not,
I know sincerity, Diplomacies I know not,
I know truth, lies I know not,
I know faith, deceit I know not,
I know to love, hatred I know not,
And the irony is,
I had to know the "KNOW NOTS"... And I ....
Just don't.... Just won't....

Friday, June 18, 2010

I just wanted a little light, not the moon....

I was small. I used to look at the moon and had the desire to get it in my hand. Shining ball of everlasting brightness....And then someone would show me the reflections , I would sprinkle the water up and get happy. Then I grew up!! So did my desires, my convictions, my thoughts, my contemplations, my wishes, my whims.... And I am affirmative the latter grew at a faster pace. This time I thought, I would not ask for the moon, I thought economically, I just wanted the light because according to my extreme selfishness, only that was useful.

I went to God's temple. I said- 'I know God , you love me. But this time , I want a proof. Some kind of evidence, so you have to give me all light that the moon has tonight, just one night , I am not asking for much'. I could see tears trickling down, God's eyes, yet I remained stubborn. I want it. I asked him- Why are you crying. He said-'Nothing'.He agreed. I was happy.
Coming home, i kept thinking, why was God crying??? He is the supreme power. He also has to cry??? Strange.

Night came. I was going to get what nobody had got. Moon's light- eternal, white, shiny, and mine. I kept looking, nothing happened. Night was passing, but I could not see the moon. I looked back, saw God sitting, again crying. This time, he hugged me tight, and said- "I was crying because my daughter asked something for the first time, The moon's light tonight, and I am helpless ". I was still not moved by his tears- I said why??
He said- "Today is No Moon Day"...
Looking at him- I said- You are such a diplomatic. I just wanted a little light, not the moon. And you played a game with me.
He looked back, distressed, broken down by my statement, and lit himself up. I got enough light. More than moon would have given me. But,....

Monday, June 7, 2010

I need you all !!!

There are many people in the world , seeing whose smiles, I laugh! But surprisingly there are just a few seeing whose sadness I feel hurt! This one's for such special people in my life! They are happy, I feel happy, they are sad, I feel sad. They weep, I cry, they smile, I laugh. They ignore, and I feel alone even with the crowd around me, they are along, I feel surrounded even in thirsty deserts. For all people, who define not just my smiles, but even more the rhythm of my heart, do not ever be angry, do not ever be annoyed with me. If I do a mistake, forgive me. Because you are people, my heart says- are "Mine". Worlds might die down , but I know you will all be standing like trees around me to protect me from every heat stroke. And I am so habitual of your shadows, that I might forget happiness if those shadows go away. I need the shadows, I need you all!!!Be there , like you always have been.....

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That's me!!

A number of times, infinite probably, I have tried to be an active part of our stale society! I know , I am not extraordinary, I am not so talented to be recognized at the first site , I know that! I am a simple person, studying books, getting good marks, listening to music in holidays, watching television when free, writing poetry sometimes and reading books rarely! That's me! I have a simple heart, I can not impress people with my achievements, in total ,with the whole sets included, I think my resume would be much lesser in pages than others.
Yet there is one resume, from my heart, by my heart, for everyone in the world to read!! And then if you have to reject me, I am thankful!! Thankful not to be a part of something that my objectives do not match with.

ADDRESS: An inhumane world where people know only money and
market!! They don't look beyond
CAREER OBJECTIVE: Well, I am sorry! I do not have typical career objectives. I just
want to be happy and keep everyone else happy as well!! Just
want to make this hell a better place to live....

Anything else, those education and marks' tables, those list of achievements , half of them gathered by fighting for certificates, those hobbies , and all else.... does not matter, should not matter!
Let's give ourselves space--at least to live, at least to breathe, at least to smile....