Thursday, December 22, 2011

My 10 on 10 Pointer

Occassionally, life gives us a chance to believe that inspite of apprehensions, tensions, dilusions and deflections, things do go right as well. I remember , 5 months back, a new face in IIT Delhi, fearing all the time because of my intelligent , hardworking, and academically outstanding classmates, I always used to think- Will I be able to do well? And now, I can proudly say- Yes, I can. Yes , I have.
And sometimes and all times when I think what's the reason for this- I have always got just three things as the answers- My belief in myself, My belief in the God Almighty, and most importantly, my belief in my parents, my Gods. The gist of life is very small.
"If you have good people around you and you are good by even 3 percent , life will be very beautiful."

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  1. Some people don't even tell others when they post blogs... Huh!! :(