Thursday, July 14, 2011

That's all!!

I am a simple girl with a good behaviour, I speak gently to outsiders, I dream of living in Kashmir, I like daily Star Plus serials, I love eating delicacies, I feel blessed with my parents besides me, and i love flowers- That's me!! Just the ordinary girl I am!!
But life has taken a lot of turns, and in the journey of those numerous twists, I have discovered a lot in me. Life has given me almost everything. I have beautiful and the most lovely parents of the world. I get before I wish! This time I asked for IIT and God gave it to me- and now when I am in, my heart fears- Will I be able to cope up? Will I be able to endure the pressure? Will I be able to succeed? Or will I just get crushed away in the crowd of thousands of IITians? And then stems my next wish- I want to be at the top! But God says- "Yashna, may be you have forgotten to live in the myriads of these thousand wishes each connected to the other by a chain and dreadfully the chain is a labyrinth, there's no end!! May be you need to look beyond. May be you need to stop wishing and see where life takes you, unseen , unheard, but alive as always".
God made humans. And in the software inside me, there's this big bug, which he forgot to debug and correct. He made me satisfied internally. May be that's why I decided to be Professor even when I could be amongst good professionals of reputed companies. He made me calm. May be that's why I could see beyond money. But he made me ambitious- May be that's why I can be satisfied but not stable, calm but not composed. So Lord- Here's just one wish- Make me the way I want to be-- Good, Fair, Amiable, and above all a satisfied stable human being!!

That's all!!

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  1. Hmmm.... u rightly know that cost of satisfaction is trillion times more than money... :-) ALL THE BEST.!