Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hatred or Love: Neither Helps

Today I am a successful Engineer, amongst the most rated ones because I am at one of the most prestigious institutions of India. I am supposed to be happy, satiated and delighted about this. But strangely enough, life always brings new things when and where you least expect them, it makes you sad when the world expects you to be amongst the happiest ones. And through all my experiences that I have had till now, I find that there is just one lesson to learn and that is: The world is a mixture, and believe me, quite weighed, of good and bad people. You will meet both types when you will be walking on the path of the ultimate renunciation, and probably the true exam of your perseverance and knowledge will be when, you can calmly ignore the wrong ones and calmly accept the right ones. Chaos and Anarchy doesn't ever help except creating a well deep inside our heart, full with hatred for the wrong ones,. and full with love for our loved ones and I sincerely accept, both go wrong somewhere , somehow. Because we are all humans; attachment with a person bad or good, through bonds of hatred or infinite love, is like going too close to the fire, or going too far... And I guess all of us like the spring more , for always.... Extreme winters and extreme summers will never help...

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