Friday, June 24, 2011


I was always told that Life is a Garden, everything is green and grows. And I always believed somehow that I was a flower and my only work was to spread the fragrance of good around! But in these analogies of gardens and flowers, I met many gardeners, the ones who made me the way I am, my father, my mother, my teachers and my friends.

And I mark 24th June, to be the day when I changed my place in life’s garden. Truthfully submitting, it seems someone uprooted me from the place where I was and now I have to root myself at a different place. And somehow it’s even worse because my gardeners would change.

So, enough of analogies. Writing straight, it feels parted from the place where I have spent four good years of fun, learning, enjoyment, honour, and everything it takes to be called a Complete life. And today is the day when I feel the pain of separating from my mentor, my IGIT, my friends. Every time it has been sunny, they have gathered like leaves to guard me, every time it has rained badly, they have become umbrellas protecting me from being drenched, every time I have been worried, their smiles have worked wonders for me, and today just a word of goodbye finishes quite a lot.

When I say that, people tell me nothing ever changes!! You can always get back. But I think may be I am still going to meet them , because they are the best part of my life, they have defined me, but the chocolates and lick lollies are never going to be back, the Rajma Chawal at NSP can’t be back, Lifetime Meetings Room 213 won’t get replayed, long walks and longer talks in the green fields are gone now, Room 101 and my infinite memories with it are just memories now, Good mornings every morning are going to change; lectures, seminar hall, non-working ACs, I will miss them, virus stricken Computers, hanged over Internet, where am I going to find that. Welcoming back everyone every morning on the Dias of the Workshop on DSP and its Applications, I can’t ever do that again.

IGIT will remain my IGIT forever, but I will never be a student again. And with tears in my eyes, I reassure myself, that may be life is more about parting. Because every time you part, the hope for meeting again becomes stronger, and I hope whenever I come back to my college, my place, I will always find everyone smiling and Room 101 as alive as it has always been.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Strings of Life!!

I have often observed the guitar, with some few strings which play the most harmonious tunes in the world. This is about a short anecdote.

One day long back,
Listening to my favourite track,
I thought I would play,
With my Guitar that lay,
With all its rhythms fine,
And a beautiful evening time,

I touched the strings in leisure,
And with my aims of pleasure,
I moved the one, the melodious most,
The one which was my favourite most,

Again and again I moved it tight,
Playing my tunes day and night,
Because I knew it won’t break ever,
That was my faith, undying forever,

One day I found, my Musics disperse,
Something wrong with my favourite verse,
I checked, I looked and I found,
My favourite string was loosened around

I had tears in my eyes,
For my thoughts unwise,
But my little string seemed to say,
I am okay, just tired on my way,

I tightened it up, and the songs came back,
As if it had forgotten all my attack,

But my guitar and its strings, taught me something,
About it and the circumference of life’s ring,
God plays rhythms and his strings we all belong,
And he plays only those with melodies strong,

So if you feel pained in life,
Facing an excessive strife,
It’s because you are the one so close,
The rhythm of God’s favourite prose,

And he can see, hear and think
And with his strings, has a strong link,
He loves you more than you ever thought,
And has more love than you have got,
So, never give up and hold on

Because every dusk has a dawn...