Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Prayer!!

God, this one's for you!! You are dear, you are near, you are everything. You are my God, you are my Lord, you are my life's chord. I know you keep seeing me all time, smile when I am happy, and weep when I am sad. I know you are the person who does everything for my sake.
Your eyes, your senses, your feelings, your every breath is for me. I know you love me a lot. May be that's why you care! Every time for me!
And today, one of your disciples, or one of your beloved , as you might call it, wants you to wipe tears from someone's eyes, the someone I have never seen, I have heard once, the someone who's not well, the someone is very special. You could consider it the important Request that I make only rarely. Please do this! And I know you will never disappoint me. Because you are GOD, Great, Omnipotent Dear God, from this moment onwards, you have the responsibility of worries of some dear people, and more infinitely my worries. From now on, My worries are yours, and you better solve them. And now that my worries are yours, I have a suggestion. Worrying is not good for your health, so please solve this worry, asap. Come on Lord, this is trivial for you, but for me, this is LIFE.

Friday, April 8, 2011


From the time when I had started knowing Science & Technology, IISc, Bangalore was my temple, the ultimate Abode, the abode of God for me! I dreamt of it, because it was the best, it was incredible, it was untouched, the final destination for every quenched technologist.

IISc was always a dream because dreams are unachievable, they come true only in sleeps. And I, am one of those lucky persons whom God adores infinitely, unbound, no limits, may be that’s why he gave me this!!

And I rejected it! I rejected the most wanted, the most wanted of all my dreams ever, to be a part of the institution that forms the first page of my dream scrapbook. You can call me foolish, but I did that for a reason! Reasons actually, and the ‘s’ matters.

I just gave it a few minutes probably, few questions likely- Can I live away from my family, my dad won’t bring me ice-creams, neither is he going to be there to solve my problems with simple stories, nor will he be bringing me chocolates, and he won’t shout at me when I am wrong and then apologize even if the mistake is mine. Because the hostel room in IISc is going to be rough and walls don’t talk.

I just gave it a few thoughts I think, Can I live away from my mom- who’s going to cook me all those dishes, who’s going to listen to all talks infinitely big that I have talked about always, who will wipe away my tears, and watch 9:30 star plus soaps with me? Because the TV is not allowed in hostels, there’s just one big TV Room where my wishes don’t matter.

I just gave it a while, can I live away from my granny, who’s going to shout at me all the time, who’s going to find faults in everything I do? Because there I will be YASHNA SHARMA, 99.83%, and not the child I am...

And may be I am not in the mood to become a mature person right now! So I say, IISc – may be you are not for me, you looked good, but you are not! So, I say- I don’t like the course- Electronics Design and Engineering is not for me because there are reasons....!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I know I have messed it all up! Sometimes, you wake up too late to realize that things in the other room besides your bedroom are not going well, and I am one amongst those people! May be I have to wake up , to realize that my whims , my wishes, my thoughts, my imaginations, my visions don’t have to be right always, because the world is different, from what I perceive it to be.

May be I have to know that everyone is the way he/she is, and I can’t ever change that, may be I don’t have to change either but somehow I have to be perseverant.

May be I have to know that some of my decisions were wrong, and I can’t ever change that, but somehow I have to endure.

May be I have to know that the rosy spectacles with which world appears fragrant to me , were flimsy, and I can’t change that ever, but somehow I have to keep seeing.

May be I have to know that smiles don’t always help, but in a hope that they make life better, somehow I have to keep smiling...

Stability of mind, Peace of soul and happiness are still far, but somehow I have to keep moving on the path of achieving them without getting declined, without getting inclined, without people to help, without complaints to make, without greed, without waves of depressions, without ecstasies of happiness, without anything and with everything yet.