Friday, January 29, 2010


My four principles of happy life:
1. Try to be happy, only then you can be happy!
2. Forget, Forgive and Free yourself of all guilts, have problems-say it, have tension- remove it, have agony- calm it..... Lighting fires are never liked much, cool waters always are!!
3. Smile when others prick you, and be silent when they abuse you. Silence will make a mirror out of your soul, clear, shining , lightfull and shimmering... And smile?? Will polish that mirror well...
4. Have faith in two things- one yourself, other God, then you are always a winner...


Correctly said- straight trees are cut first...There was a time when I was one of those trees!!Then, I became crooked, bent , clever and quick.... In an inefficent unsuccessful attempt to change myself, here I am a new girl thats not me, a new person thats not me..... Quick but not good, professional but not successful, concerned but not understanding.....

This one day, I peeped inside, there was a thin curtain-- covered with a dust film, I had to spend hours to remove dust.....And then finally I thought... I will remove the curtain as well.... I removed it, and found-- there I was... The same girl I had been for years, tears on silent rebukes, hurt heart at every little scold, those ulterior and apparent angers, but that warmth in soul for everyone from that little pigeon to that big dinasour.....

Life is all about forgiving, forgetting and freeing ourselves. All about truthfulness, faith and devotion.... Truthfulness because it makes you free, free of playing chess at every step of your lives, faith in yourself for it gives you reassurance and devotion for that Almighty..... That omnipresent...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Often in that little glimpse of AAJ TAK, I see some robust personalities, dark handsome, staunch, shining bright, beaming with confidence, hard to break- seems like the world will bow down, but these gentlemen- never!! Often while taking that light evening walk, I hear some strong voices discussing deals worth crores, seems like …selling airplanes is fun for them!! Often, when I am still too lazy to drink my morning milk, someone reads aloud -how the great business tycoons are winning the world, seems like the Himalaya can break, but their hearts and decisions are diamonds, the hardest stones!! Often while roaming in the campus with that big unthoughtful smile, I see some lecturers, stark white shirts, composed and learned, seems like the whole world might be in grief, but these people will be silent, sombre!!!!

MIRAGE- deserts are said to have this. But it is not that far…. Often the mirage is within our hearts, our minds, our souls, correctly highlighting. You can become a scientist, but you can not experiment with your own life. You can become an Advocate but you can not fight a case with your destiny. You can become a lecturer but it is hardest to teach yourself what life is!! You can become a doctor but you can not cure yourself of your soul’s illness! You can become a business tycoon, but Boss; it is really difficult to make good deals with happiness and satisfaction.

Life is a very strange thing, when you want to live, it does not let you live and when you do not want to live, it comes and says- now live sweetheart! And in such times, comes out candidly, the concept of equality!! God says every man is equal. And here I am his true disciple to support him. Some of you may be millionaires, some big bungalow owners, some Honda city owners, some middle class like me, and some could be beggars too! But there is one thing that unites us all… And that is our heart! Tycoons or doctors, engineers or scientists -- life and its games, its honey wrapped poisons and poison loaded truths are the same for everyone! True enough; in a society like ours where a knife in each other’s intestines is no big thing, the above statement is a bit incomprehendable. But I will take full responsibility to land you safe in the island of unknown facts.

Being children we all cry, weep for sweets and chocolates for we do not know they are costly or cheap, being teenagers we all want to look beautiful- the little difference being whether to use those insignificant sandal packs or using L’Oreal and Maybelline, being adults we all want to earn, the little gap is whether we earn 100 or 100 crores, being old men, we all want contentment, the little factor differing is whether contentment is one house to live in or three big bungalows in Civil Lines.

Webs – yes- that is the word I should give to the piece of text I just wrote above. Believe me, once in your life, break the webs, come out and you shall know the depth of what I say now. When we are children, and someone slaps us in anger, we all cry ; when our beloved leaves us alone, we all spend nights in memories; when someone gives us a hug, we all feel thankful; when dreams are hard to achieve and time less, we all spend sleepless nights; when someone makes us laugh, we all smile with rays of happiness ; when someone gives pain, we all feel pricked; when we celebrate our first anniversaries, often with those tough looks and a diamond jewellery erasable(DJE) RAM of our last one year fights, cherishing the past, we all feel happy; when we see our first child in our lap, we all have tears in our eyes; when he gets unwell for the first time, we all run to doctors with worried faces and strange convictions, agreeing to give any fee; when our children pass out their degrees, with spectacles in our eyes, we all try to search them good matches; when we grow old ,and our children , busy in their self weaved new world, don’t talk to us, we all feel hurt; when, lying in one corner of the same house where we once held them by hand and taught them how to walk, we see the same people walking away, we all cry in dark nights; when life is about to end, we all look back once, and think, what we earned , what we lost, what we gained and what was not…. And then one day each one of us returns to the God’s kingdom where HE asks us--- “Do you believe yourself and others on earth to be the same?” And blind eyed we say, no, I was a doctor, no, I was an engineer. And the Almighty, the omnipotent, the omnipresent, says--- “Wrong answer my dear, wrong answer!! I wish you had realized that you were one, same feelings, same weeping, same worries, same smiles, just the ways differed and you failed to answer me right!!”

Friday, January 1, 2010


If you ever observed an obituary correctly , you would have noticed the time span of people, 1965-2008, that little dash in between is life!! We do not often realize, or if I more correctly state, we do not have time to realize, how important that little lively loving dash is! Indeed it is a dash, and how we fill it is our wish.