Tuesday, May 17, 2011


He taught me to laugh, He taught me to talk,

He taught me the skill of how to walk,

He smiled at me always, forever,

He loved me infinite, without scolding me ever,

21 years passed and I thought , may be now he will ask back something,

But that thought and its hope, happened never!!

Money , Icecreams, chocolates and toffees,

Ipods, Mobiles, laptops and coffees,

I kept asking, and he kept giving,

He kept working and I kept living,

21 years passed and I thought, may be now he will stop doing this all,

But I was surprised to know that I was still his little doll!!

Papa , I don’t know what to say, and neither do I know how to thank you, but for all that you do for me, unsaid, unheard, without returns, I am proud to be your daughter .

Love you always....