Friday, January 28, 2011

It's all about...

It’s not about how much they care, it was never about how much they weigh me in their lives, it is never going to be about how they are, it is about me finding the ways to make them happy, it was about me striving to see them smiling, it is always going to be me.... standing on one side of that road that joins the chords between my heart and them.. Wanting them to be the most fortunate people ever. Yes, it is about some people whom I am not acquainted to see in pain and may be I never will be.. Because my mornings starts with Prayers... for ‘them’, my days go Beautiful...because of ‘them’, my evenings stroll with Thoughts...about ‘them’ , and my nights end with Dreams... with ‘them’.....

Some people I say are the reasons that I am, are the causes that I am, are the needs that I am, are the ramifications that I ever will be, are the consequences that I ever will be... For all such people, without whom I am incomplete...

My heart just has to say,

That come what may,

You will find me standing back,

On your each and every way,

If you ..

Ever feel tight,

When something’s not right,

Don’t hide,

Don’t keep inside,

And I....

Won’t have solutions to solve,

Won’t have money to resolve,

Won’t have advice to give,

Won’t have tenets to live,

I might be weak, might be low,

Might be worried, might be slow,

But I...

Will make you smile,

Make sure you laugh for a while,

Will lessen your pain.

Make sure you enjoy the rain.

Will be with you till the heavens die,

Make sure you never never never sigh