Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For Someone..

I am a college student, engineering undergraduate, my life revolves around placements, projects and papers, may be I never see beyond. Pain for me is to get 89.9 and not 90, happiness for me is 30 on 30 in my first minor. That's how I define pains and party's.

And today, may be I can say, I have gone far beyond all this... A stage where all this becomes zero, mind becomes blank, seems like my aorta stopped pumping for me... just one statement that took away everything to pieces, and may be taught me the biggest lessons in life... that may be life isn't about all this, it's about LIVING... Living taught to me by a person..

I have never seen her, she is intelligent, she is great, she is magnificent, she is the topper of her college, she can solve puzzles that no one else can, she can solve circuits while in a mild walk , I have never seen her.

But I have learnt a lot from her, she is truthful, she is sincere, she is stable, she is loyal...Sometimes, she does not keep well, but still she is the reason , for the energy , zeal and success of someone, I have learnt a lot from her..

God , I believe, you listen... I do!! I can feel you are around... I don't know how to pray for someone I haven't ever seen, but I had tears ... For you may be... Why do you do it people who are good? I know you set the papers, adaptive type, the next one gets tougher.. But then , for people who already keep 100 percentile, I suggest , stop taking papers God. Please, I am ready to give one more if you want, but for people I like, keep them happy. I won't mind giving papers for ever till I die and even after that, I won't turn back to ask you "Why?". It's a deal. You keep my people happy, and I will keep you happy. It's a deal...