Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This one's for everyone.... for my mom, dad and grandma here with me.... to my grandpa, in the heaven, to my God, to my Mentor, to my friends, to my teachers, to my classmates and ....
My little pen that makes me write,
My laptop small with its screen wide,
My bag which helps me hold my books,
And the mirror in which I check my looks,
My mobile which keeps me on,
And my ipod for its beautiful songs,
My room white, and my lamp's light,
My campus wide, and its rooms bright.....

Everyone ......... Just want to say thanks... because somewhere somehow you made me what I am...............

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Diwali, My sweetheart has come again,
Bringing all bliss and all gain,
I love it, but I hate it more,
When Ram comes, I close my door,

But Ram, forgive me if you can,
Ram, understand me if you can,

Because if I open the door,
The voice of the crackers comes in,
My granny can't hear it,
She is a weak heart...
And I love her more than you...

Because if I open the door,
Dust and Smoke comes in,
My Mom gets choked,
And she can't cook the food,
And I love her more than you...

Because if I open the door,
Fire is seen more than light,
My Father gets angry,
And he does not smile,
And I love him more than you...

Because if I open the door,
Ram, I don't see you anywhere,
My visions get blocked in smoky hues,
My happiness gets lost in bomb explosion blues,

Still I fight Ram, when everyone has slept,
I open the door, with my eyes still wet,
In a hope that you will come besides me one day,
And in my hand your blessings you will lay...

But you never come Ram,
Or may be they don't let you ....