Thursday, July 8, 2010


Walking in the forest of emotions, passions, corruptions and deceptions, I clearly remember the mark from where I stopped looking back. My footprints are still there, many rains and pains have not rubbed them off. Behind that mark, there is a series of my footprints, I made them prominent, and after that-- Before taking the next step, I rub off the previous one. I am unclear of deciding whether I am happy or sad about that!! But yes, I am contended.
The forest was always deep, I saw wolfs as much as I saw deers. I saw elephants as much as I saw termites. I saw giraffes as much as I saw ants. The nature, the weights, the heights, never made a difference. I was in love with all of them. One day with a veil, I was traveling my normal way, I saw the wolf conspiring against me, the deer was resisting him, it got killed. I saw the elephant dominating my worth, a million termites were supporting me, they got pressed, died. I heard the giraffe talking about how high he was compared to me, the little ant was displaying over that, it became the meal with the grass.
With tears in eyes, I pondered and thought- why the truthful was killed, the tender was pressed, the sincere one became the meal. And no answer ever came. I loved my ant, my deer, my termites, for they were important. They were my everything in that deep high forest from where sunlight was difficult to see. I thought I must travel back, and see where I made a mistake in loving the wolf, the elephant and the giraffe. Scanning my footprints long back, my hatred grew and my love reduced. I stopped, came ahead. I became the fiercer wolf, and killed him. I became the heavier elephant, I showed him the truth. I became the higher giraffe, I made him feel guilty!! But I am still not happy.
I think sometimes, had my little ant not spoken, she would have been there laughing besides me, if my termites had not resisted, they would have been here, all here, had my deer not got annoyed, he would have been still giggling. In the process of changing the world, I had to become one wolf, one bad elephant, one stupid giraffe.
I wish , we all had been good, good at heart!! For each other, with each other, but I wish we had been a better wolf for the wolf, a heavier elephant with the elephant and a higher giraffe with the giraffe, may be then I would have saved my little ant, deer and termites. I love you all.
I stopped making footprints, because they still hurt, for having been such a good person that we lost it all. May be a little badness , would have kept goodness alive, alive at-least and not dead....