Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Letter by a FOOL, for the INTELLIGENT PEOPLE in the World


This letter is not by me! It is representative of the emotions that I have seen around me in people who are like me, even bigger fools than I am! Fools who define them as follows. This one’s for all people who think they are intelligent. Every fool fights with the world, but then one day he/she says::

Hello all! I am a big fool, and the reasons I will explicitly state. This letter is for all intelligent people in the world who say that I am frantically mad, and is an apology from my side to all of them.

I always thought good for others, I apologize; I helped people , even my foes when they needed me, I apologize; when everyone was busy thrashing each other, I thought I would rather be serene, I apologize; I smiled even at the ones my heart knew are not my well-wishers, I apologize; I blessed everyone without weighing, I apologize; I respected everyone , I apologize; I removed stones from people’s paths though I knew my feet could be hurt, I apologize; I distributed my knowledge to everyone without returns, I apologize; I never thought of getting equal things back, I apologize; I thought it was better to be considerate, I apologize; I knew only faith and no deception, I apologize; and I thought I was a nice person, for that with joined hands, I apologize! So if all intelligent people in the world can forgive me, I APOLOGIZE!

It is not that I am stone, I just pretend to! When things turn wrong, even I feel sad! It is not that I am feel-less, it is just that sometimes I pretend to! When people hurt me, it hurts me! Making my way through the mysteries, now I have learned why I was a fool. It was because when people needed me , I helped them, and did not turn my face like intelligent people. It was because when people greeted me, I smiled and replied back, I forgot not to reply and behave as intelligent people do. It was because I thought to be devoted to people, I forgot that intelligent people are never devoted. It was because when people appeared to be good, I believed them to be good; I forgot that everyone is not a fool like me! It was because I thought that the world was kingdom of God, but I failed to see the Satan’s attire! So if all intelligent people in the world can forgive me, I APOLOGIZE!

I know I am far less dynamic than intelligent people in the world are! I do not know deception, I do not know to kill, I know not how to scold, I have no idea about betraying, I have little knowledge in fighting, and I can not reply you back! I know I have far less qualities than all intelligent people- I am not clever, I am not cool, I do not know to conspire, I have less information on slaying feelings! Forgive me for that!

But there is one thing that all intelligent people and I have in common, and that is Perception. It is not that I can not see when intelligent people speak against me, it is just that I prefer to ignore! It is not that I can not hear when people say wrong things about me, it is just that I behave as if I never had ears, it is not that I can not sense when people are against me, it is just that my soul says, fighting won’t help. So for all this, again forgive me!

Sometimes, some things hurt me a lot, and somewhere there are tears , not in my eyes, but deep inside my heart and soul! Since I have read Geeta, and thus I am a fool, I tend to forget those tears and get back to my life, because I think my discretions would not ever change. But yes, the mirror of that respect and dedication shining bright is breaking a little, and mirrors once broken never join back. And truly, I think, I won’t even make an attempt to join back the broken mirrors, because it hurts and still the mirrors do not join! It hurts to see the same people, whom once you helped- staking yourself, to cause you wounds lasting forever.

And to think that, I am perhaps the biggest fool, because this article is foolish for all Intelligent people. So I apologize! I apologize!

I apologize , but forgive me – I do not think , I can ever change!!I feel blessed to be a fool!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, it is not just me who can be observational- there are many others- some of them, my revered friends! So, as people give me feedbacks to this blog- I have words like- Non-humorous, Boring, Absolutely Alien, Uninteresting, and incomprehendable if not properly understood. So, for my dear childhood friends, you must remember, life is exactly that, exactly those five words! Keep Happy!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

कश्तियाँ सबकी किनारो पे लग ही जाती हैं
जिनका नाखुदा ना हो , उनका खुदा होता है!

Well, somethings are just great to read! That's why I thought, it is something useful to be read! Well, to all my loved people, be happy, and feel great, that's the way to live life! Solve things out, and when you can not , leave them there! The keys to some doors are better not found!


Well, to find such a pessimistic article, on my blog could surprise you all! But to all people dear and near, it is something contrary to what it says. There are times in life, when life leaves you hopeless, disappointed, and disgusted about a few almost incorrigible things. This one’s for one of them.

Being an Arian, I take tensions as a part of my hobby! And then fight till I get over them. This article is an attempt to overcome a sheer disappointment. Well, it is said and believed, that you be truthful on your blog. So, being truthful, when people hurt me, I forgive them! But when people hurt my respected ones, my liked ones, I do not try even to forgive them.

Some things in life, can not be put straight, so working in a curvilinear path, I have a message for everyone – my friends, my classmates, even my foes! Life- won’t give you chances always, because it is short! And life won’t always make you meet good people, because even they are short on Earth (I do not know about Aliens, but this statistic holds 100% on Earth). So, if ever in life, you meet a good person, try to respect him and his feelings. It is simple to be indifferent, it is simple to be not concerned, but people, life is not about being Indifferent. It is to honour those who are worth it, it is to be responsible, it is to be devoted, it is to be cared for, it is to be lived and not wasted.

So, at the last part, let me put it right there, in your heads, because hearts can not be reached and changed so easily! People, if you can’t respect someone, do not expect that even. And if you feel great about taking everything, infinitum from someone and not even giving honour in return, you are not smart, you are a fool. And if you enjoy being a fool, I am happy about it! No issues, seriously. But at the end, it is you who will loose, and I am again happy about it! I do not mind!

And for all people , who have cared , given their knowledge, and made everyone happy, who have spread bliss and the enlightenment of their positive energy all around, who have made lives worth living and who have guided people and paths, I salute you. And for all smart fools, who are indifferent to you, all I can say is- I know you will forgive them, that’s how you are!

And that’s why I say- Disappointments are always special. They make me know- WHO IS WHO? Those are times, which tell you realities- bare realities. Proven and Explicit.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I know, every daughter feels so, so do I! Before I wish, he fulfills, when I weep, he calms , when I am disturbed, he pacifies! He cares for me without conditions, he loves me without returns, he gives me peace and harmony just by his talks! When I am going wrong, he does not scold, but he brings me to the right paths , when I am sad, his Urdu shayari brings that smile on my face! Unsaid, Unheard, but his soul's voice reaches me straight. I know, the biggest success of the world for him is to see me smile, and the biggest failure to see that single tear trickle down my face.
This one's for you papa, for giving me the energy to fight against the world, and for that infinite love that you have for me .... My strength....

Friday, April 16, 2010


Life moves on, its worries move on, people move on, and in this race, we often forget to thank the ones we really love and admire- so for all people who are beautiful to me, whom my heart admires, appreciates and loves- People, I have this habit of 100%, all or none, if I admire you, I do it completely, if I don't , perhaps I can't ever.
And for people whom I call jewels in my life, My little Krishna Ji, Mom, Dad , My Mentor and my dear friends, salutes to you all, and thanks for making my life colorful with your presence.
Great to have known you!! And this one's because a friend of mine says- sometimes , it is important to express, because sometimes, people might not understand what I feel for them... So dear, this is for you...My expressions which I think, are beautiful when silent , and a bit less effective when expressed....

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Two major differences , yes they indeed are! I think summing and adding from facebook, orkut and linkedin, slashing the commons out, I have a set of 73 acquaintances, around 60 , whom I know, I just know, strangely enough - the status says- My Friends!! And I truthfully accept, I do not know to the least if they are friends or foes.
That's how life is!! Hidden masks, false shadows, and ironically enough, continuously compelled and self created! I have no major experiences, no big degrees to flaunt as yet, I am just another University Student, but my head and the little cerebrum in there, has things and concepts, big enough for sure.
There are two categories of people in life- One that you like to love, and the other you love to like. Well, you might call me frantically insane of have spoken that but it's true that there are differences! The former- you like to love are people whom you care for, people you know are your world, people who will be there to hold you back when you fall down a cliff, people who will scold you bad and then bring that little smile across your face, with a tight hug, people who might be real enough to tell you what bad you have got, but will support you till infinity, people who you know are the part of that little kingdom you would remember even with partial Alzheimer's!
The second category, people whom you love to like, are a direct result of your inclinations, that's what I call people whom you like madly, people for whom you will stand behind but perhaps they might move ahead, people who you admire, but the core of that magnet attracting you to like them , is cerbral based , not heart based!
So , to all people I must say, Recognize the right ones! Make sure everyone likes to love you and that you have atleast a four or five, whom you like to love!! Likeliness and Love are just words- to be used on special occasions like Valentine's day and in severe cases if your marriage is on stake, but for our hectic tough lives, let's keep it simple- Realize the feelings of what you call likeliness, and I call an unweighed concern!

Don't ever in life promise that you can die for someone, because it is wasteful! That pompous display of unfelt emotions might not help, If you have to, Promise that even after you die, I will fulfill your and my duties as well, and honour your concerns for everyone you liked to love!